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The neoreactionary movement (NRx) took root in the late 2000's when a group of anti-democratic bloggers started writing and forming a new community. Although many of the ideas in NRx are fascinating it has been plagued with suspect characters and organisations.

The Jew Curtis Yarvin aka Mencius Moldbug

Pro Jewish blogger Curtis Yarvin is the founder of NRx and major thinker in the movement. Yarvin blames all of America's trouble on its founding stock, the Puritans of New England.

In his essay Why I Am Not An Anti-Semite he strongly counter-signals Kevin MacDonald. Yarvin claims that the large influx of Jews into the United States caused it no serious problems. He claims these Jews simply attempted to conform to the dominant culture set by the WASP elite - the same culture that Yarvin claims is the cause of all the United States problems. "Oy vey goy we did nothing wrong!".

"Moving on: to the Jews. Obviously this is a favorite subject here at UR, which is a pro-Jew blog and always has been. (Jabotinsky is my nigga.) The road to the New State is long, long, long, and we have barely started down it. But we know one thing: the New State will be a Jew State. Or at least, it will be chock-full of Jews. (And of Tamil Brahmins, for the same reason.)" - Curtis Yarvin. Source: Preston Brooks, the Palestine lobby, and the Nolan chart

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Self Hating Brit Nick Land

One of the prominent thinkers in the NRx movement is Nick Land. Unfortunately he comes across as damaged and deranged. He has an AI fetish, a Jewish wife, and is a traitor to his own people.

Nick Land

The Pro-Jew and Gay Bryce Laliberte

One of the founders of the Hesta Society, Bryce Laliberte, admitted to having same sex attraction. Although Laliberte made a contribution to NRx ultimately he never gained prominence due to his homosexual leanings. He is also pro-Jew.

Source: Allergic Reaction

Tranny Justine Tunney

A transvestite by the named of Justine Tunney associated with the neoreactionary crowd for a bit. It is strange he was not kept out but instead welcomed in, deviancy and all.

The Short Lived Leadership of Michael Anissimov

Michael Anissimov claimed to be the leader of NRx for a period of time but he was so unstable and unpredictable that he wasn't able to consolidate power. The mentally unstable Anissimov. Here is an overview of his total breakdown published by Andrew "weev" Auernheimer:

The "dark enlightenment", or neoreactionary movement garnered a bunch of press and attention over the past couple years. For those unfamiliar, it was a far-right political movement that expressed a desire to bring back pre-Democratic forms of government. It was infused with many brilliant software engineers. Its primary appeal to Silicon Valley was its evangelism towards them. Many of its speakers promised skilled nerds the equivalent of duchies and baronies in a new order that, if not outright monarchy, would certainly resemble it. A large swath of the movement was pro-white, as it was a movement made up of engineers and most of them are disaffected white men. To see a movement that was very pro-white gaining such ground and press was encouraging to many, but at some point the whole thing crumbled.

Neoreaction was born with a number of defects. The first is that an elitist movement of nerds comes with a level of condescension that permanently alienates it from welders, electricians, and plumbers, the consent of which are very much necessary for a future revolution. The second is that nerds lack the necessary courage and brutality to orchestrate the kind of purges that the revolution requires. Hell, they even lacked the spine to kick out hangers-on full of unwarranted self-importance with no valuable technical skills. This brings us to the subject of today's piece, one Michael Anissimov.

Anissimov is an autistic manchild that seems highly confused about his sexuality. He spends hundreds of hours playing video games and is reportedly notorious for rimming trannies until they agree to blast his asshole for hours on end, as well as being the ex of Rachel Haywire. He jumped through a few fuzzy-headed liberal techie movements until he found neoreaction. It was so full of terrible betas that he was charismatic enough by comparison to be known as a thought leader. Michael has published a fair amount of material in association with the movement, on a few of its larger blogs. His rhetoric is passable, and his book, "A Critique of Democracy: A Guide for Neoreactionaries" is actually not a terrible work that garnered favorable reviews on some of the most important neoreactionary blogs. The problem with Anissimov isn't his support of neoreaction, which up until this point was cogent and reasonable. The problem is him. Neoreaction's flaw was the attraction of socialites who love the idea of being considered better than other people without the corresponding courage or skill. Anissimov is an empty shell, and finally he got intoxicated enough near a computer to let all the world know this.

For months Anissimov has been obsessed with a female libertarian vlogger. Finally she began publicly rejecting his repeated public advances, and it seems to have psychologically destroyed him. In this regard Mike is quite similar to Kant, who is said to have also been rejected by the only woman he ever worked up the courage to hit on in his life (by a letter).

Unlike Kant, Mike responded by posting repeated threats of violence with strong sexual undertones.

The above was only one of hundreds of anime-themed pictures that Mike has posted to his account in recent months. He seems most obsessed with the above anime character, which leads many to speculate that it may in fact be his "waifu". [edit: storify doesn't preserve images in deleted tweets, only text. image re-added above the original tweet for posterity] For those unaware of the intricacies of anime's degenerate subculture, a waifu is a character, usually a prepubescent girl, that a grown man somehow forms an emotional and sexual connection with. In addition to his obsession with female anime characters, Mike demonstrates a clear obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog:

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The Take Over of NRx by the Hestia Society and Subsequent Problems

In 2015 an organisation by the name of the Hestia Society which was founded in part by the homosexual Bryce Laliberte claimed to have taken over the neoreactionary movement. Shortly after it was revealed that one of its leaders was formerly into polyamory and had been cuckolded. When this was revealed it led to one of Hestia's members, Atavisionary, to leave the organisation.

Atavisionary Falls out with the Hestia Society

A culmination of problems Atavisionary had with the Hestia Society led him to leave the organisation. He argues their leadership are overly timid and that they were not able to deal with the discovery that one of their leaders was a literal cuckold. After joining Hestia here is what Atavisionary says:

Slack was great for a while but it became clear that my ideas for how to proceed and the ideas of the “leadership” weren’t exactly in agreement. I won’t go into too many details, save two, but my major problem with “official” neoreaction is that they are far too secretive and far too timid.

It has already been several months since I deleted my slack account but before that the very first major rift between us came when I found this white nationalist hit piece article which attacks moldbug and [redacted]. [redacted] is one of the head people of hestia, and you can see he was on the email thread linked below. I posted this link in the private slack because, well, it is a bit of a concern if one of the main “leaders” of neoreaction is a literal cuckold. Their response was to remove the link and any comment referring to it. And this wasn’t just my comments, it was a number of people on the slack who were censored. Keep in mind this was a private chat room, not a public forum, so striesanding probably wasn’t going to happen. And wouldn’t have happened now if hestia didn’t continue to make one poor decision after another. Needless to say, I was pretty miffed by this action and it along with a number of other disagreements lead to me leaving slack. It is clear from that experience, however, that the allegations against [redacted] in the above hit piece are absolutely true, and following hestia means following a cuck. It is hard to say what kind of skeletons the other “leaders” of hestia have in their closets. It is also clear that the “leadership” doesn’t have any plan for dealing with this unfortunate history, and prefer censorship to proper strategizing.

The short of it is they are far too willing to mislead those who might listen to them, such as the community we have built here on /r/darkenlightenment. Even among those who are sympathetic to them (like me) they take a very high and mighty attitude, which is why you are learning about this today. Worst of all, they have absolutely no respect for the /r/darkenlightenment community.

It is clearly a symptom of poor leadership.

They aren’t trying to form an organic community, they are trying to recreate a spy agency secrecy state. I don’t know what to say other than fuck that. I believe in hierarchy, but that isn’t incompatible with transparency.

Hestia society has in no way ever demonstrated that they are worthy of leadership or power and until they do no one should take their claim of leadership of neoreaction seriously. Hestia is and always has been nothing more than a collection of blog writers (and at least one cuckold).

How they ever expect to get more people on board with their plan with out actually telling them anything of substance I have no idea. Anyone who actually starts associating with them will quickly realize they are being kept in the dark about most things and ditch them because that experience makes it very clear they are untrustworthy.

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Pedophile Jim

A popular NRx blogger named Jim shows worrying tendencies:

"If ten year old girls were not restrained, most of them would be banging thirty and forty year old men. While ten year old boys are completely uninterested in sex and regard it as disgusting, girls start taking an interest in males well before puberty. Preteen girls are primarily interested in older males, and, just as male homosexuals don’t much like male homosexuals, preferring manly men or twelve year old boys, preteen girls don’t much like adult males that like preteen girls. Preteen girls are especially interested in older males that have recently had an adult sexual relationship with an adult female, are especially interested in divorced men, separated men, and widowers." - Jim

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Soap Jackal

A strange figure named Soap Jackal associated with neoreaction use to post on Twitter and 8chan. Here are some of his posts.

Quarter Jewish Antidem

Brett Stevens on NRx

Brett Stevens outlines some problems with Neoreaction in his piece Neoreaction Goes Off The Rails Just Like White Nationalism Did.

Richard Spencer Takes a Stand Against Anonymous Leadership

Richard Spencer, a prominent figure in the Alt-Right movement, has taken a stand against anonymous leadership which is something upheld by the Hestia Society:

“For obvious reasons, an anonymous person can never lead anything, let alone an identitarian movement for the future of European peoples.” - Richard Spencer. Source: Greg Johnsons Attacks and How to Deal with Them

Thermidor Magazine Enters But Distances Itself

Thermidor Magazine is somewhat new on the scene but it has already openly distanced itself from the Pro-Jew and Zioninst blogger Curtis Yarvin aka Mencius Moldbug.